About the Company

The Polfeed Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. Company since 2013 provides natural dried fruits and feed ingredients for European and worldwide markets. In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, the company places particular emphasis on the quality and innovativeness of delivered products, which is why the company’s primary goal was implementation of the GMP+ European safety standard.

The Company has vast experience in international trade and regularly exhibits its products at international trade fairs.

We encourage you to become familiar with our offer:

  • Dried fruits:
Owoc aronii Dried AroniaFind out more
Owoc czarnej porzeczki Dried Blackcurrant – Find out more
 Owoc jabłka  Dried Apple – Find out more
 Owoc maliny  Dried Raspberries – Find out more
 Owoc truskawki  Dried StrawberriesFind out more
  • Dried seeds:
Owoc czarnej porzeczki Blackcurrant seedsFind out more
Owoc jeżyny Blackberry seedsFind out more
Owoc maliny Raspberry seedsFind out more
Owoc truskawki Strawberry seedsFind out more